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nba first round playoff predictions odd: tops west teams are likely to win; buy cheap nba 2k16 mt

Date: 4/15/2016 3:05:58 PM

according to s basketball power index (bpi), the probability of rockets winning the first round of the playoffs is only 3% whereas the grizzlies only have 2%. it is worth mentioning that the probability of western conference top four are all likely to win.

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warriors (97%) vs. rockets (3%)

in this regular season, warriors beat 3-0 rockets. the western conference finals last season, the rockets eliminated those 4-1. if the warriors can show championship is their goal, then the probability of both teams win this series will be the case.

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san antonio (98%) vs. grizzlies (2%)

the regular season the spurs 4-0 win over the grizzlies, averaging 12.5 coins margin divided. if the spurs play the right way, unless some unforeseen disaster, they will enter the second round.

thunder (93%) vs. mavericks (7%)

the regular season thunder mavericks 4-0, averaging 9.5 coins margin divided. including preseason, the mavericks this season, has lost five consecutive games.

clippers (83%) vs. blazers (17%)

the regular season for the blazers clippers are 3-1, "we want to beat them." pioneer owen davies said, "you know in a seven-game series made of them, the game will be ugly, but it will be very intense. we have to get everything ready, ready to fight. "

knight (88%) vs. piston (12%)

the regular season for the cavaliers pistons is 0-3, including the last day of the regular season losing to the piston. however, the playoffs is completely different from the regular season, four wins in seven games made the maximum to avoid the possibility of an upset, but could not prevent the "black eight" was born. knight react well prepared, they have james on hand equal to the most powerful weapon.

toronto (72%) vs. pacers (28%)

the regular season for the raptors are 3-1 pacers, raptors history to support the cut - in the first round among the no. 2 seed in the history record is 59 wins and 5 losses, the last time the no. 2 seed to be eliminated out dates back to 2010 (the spurs eliminated the mavericks).

heat (56%) vs. hornets (44%)

the regular season the two teams tied 2-2. the last time the hornets into the playoffs once (2013-14), in the first round by the miami heat swept out, but the hornets have become a more balanced team, so jefferson said, "if there are no injuries and things like that happen, we can win a few games; the heat has been a completely different team.

eagles (62%) vs. celtic (38%)

the regular season for the hawks celtics are 3-1 this season, the hawks are averaging 25.6 assists, second only to the warriors ranked second in the league. "they are a great team," celtics inside orly nick said, "we have to play our own style."

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