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nba 2016 regular season stats: leaders in scoring, rebounding, assists and etc

Date: 4/16/2016 2:49:36 PM

the nba regular season has ended. after the dust settles, the leaders of all statistics of the regular season will also been released. some teams have already been preparing for the next season. some players with outstanding performance have improved themselves and get their wages raised. after the official release, 2k will released a series of nba 2k16 mt player cards for some top players. you will need a certain amount of nba 2k16 mt coins to finally get them in your team. let's us look at the leaders in all statistics. 

scoring leader - curry 13-40+ pts(nba 2k16 mt ps4 40000, 2k16 xb1 32000 coins)

in this season, warrior's player curry played 79 games, averaging 30.1 coins, won the season's leading scorer; he also became the only one field this season, the league averaging more than 30 coins of the players. in 79 games, curry had 13 games scoring 40 +, 3 games scoring have reached 50+. and other different scoring, trey curry is most threatening a big weapon, the regular season, he was a person makes a 402-coiners in mind, not only breaking the previous created by its own nba single-season three ball record, and become nba history as the first single-season record dropped into 400 three-coiners player.

nba 2k16 mt mc 416 card

of course, in the last decade in the nba, curry averaged 30.1 coins scored only came in fourth place, but in such a strong team, but also won the scoring honors have been is not easy.

rebounding leader—andre drummond(nba 2k16 coins ps4 5000,cheap nba mt xb1 6000)

drummond this season averaging scored 14.8 rebounds, beat, jordan became a 13.8 rebounding this season. in this season's competition, drummond got a total of five times the stats of 20 + 20, 66 times to win two pairs of stats. it can be stored in a season five times the stats of 20 + 20, after entering the new century, the union only carrefour, howard, kevin garnett, tim duncan had to get such stats.

nba 2k16 mt andre drummond 416 card

this season, drummond created numerous records. in the november 4 loss to the pacers, drummond had 25 coins and 29 rebounds, 3 steals, and one block, became the first in nearly 30 years cut so stats player. in addition, in this season's first four games, drummond scored 20 + 20 stats twice, once on the coalition can win at least the first four players 20 + 20.

assists leader - rajon rondo(2k16 ps4 mt coins 1350,xb mt 1700)

rondo this season, played 72 games, averaging 11.7 assists sent, ranked second in the world wei less 1.3 times, making this season in assists. this is the rondo third time in the last five years to become the league in assists. this season, rondo had 19 assists in the game reached more than 15 times this season-he had sent up to 20 assists, there have been a total of two back, coincidentally all face the hornets.

nba 2k16 mt rajon rondo card

rondo this season created a lot of history, a single field sent out 20 assists, which also broke the single-game assists record the history of the kings. in beijing on jan. 26 to face the hornets, rondo scored 7 coins, 10 rebounds and 20 assists, rondo also become since magic johnson in 1988, the first single-game win 10 rebounds and 20 assists, but scored less than 10 coins a player.

steals leader - curry win a three-guard

curry is averaging 2.14 steals, forcing rubio's 2.13 times, 2.05 times of paul, lori and 2.05 steals per game, won the season steals. however, curry is averaging 2.139 steals stats, since the establishment of the union technical statistics, steals stats to obtain the lowest one. therefore, curry steals this season, 3.0% rate in the nba single-season steals rate rankings, not even ranked top 50.

however, to get steals, while curry also won this season in scoring, before curry, nba only two people had done, a jordan, he has been honored three times, and the other is allen iverson, he has twice had to get this award. however, to get the most recent time a player scoring also get steals, this is something in the 2001-02 seasons, 14 years later; curry became the third person in nba history.

block shots leader - hassan whiteside(buy 2k16 card ps4 mt 8000,nba 2k16 mt coins 7100)

this season, whiteside averaged 3.7 blocked shots sent awarded blocked shots, ranked second in the standings to know the cap of the small jordan is only 2.3 times. from the total number of blocks, the more obvious advantages whiteside, this season, he sent a total of 269 blocks, while ranking second in the small jordan is only 177 times, a sum of the total number of blocked shots and seventh place goebel boer tianjin gisborne.

nba 2k16 mt hassan whiteside card

in february 6 away against the charlotte hornets in the game, whiteside played 27 minutes off the bench, scored triple double of 10 coins, 10 rebounds, and 10 blocks. that's the second time this season, whiteside to blocked shots off the bench scored a triple-double in nba history, has never been a player can cap off the bench scored twice in three pairs of stats.

efficiency leader - curry emperor again

when it comes to the personal efficiency this season curry value reached 31.56, the efficiency of the season has become king, and ranked second only 28.25 durant, lebron - james only 27.64. this season on the personal efficiency value, curry became the only player to break 30.

curry' personal efficiency value of the season is close to the highest single-season stats by jordan 31.7. as the coin guard, curry has the highest personal efficiency value in history.

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