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lebron james all time nba playoff stats

Date: 4/18/2016 11:42:46 AM

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although historically, there are something unpleasant with james' playoffs and finals performances, his performances on the first round playoff are always epic. when it comes to the last 10 first rounds of playoffs, his team has always qualified, with 40 wins and 7 losses.

nba bring on the conference lebron james.jpg

it is worth mentioning that the first round of the playoffs, james has never played in the first seven games. while his performance in the first round, james last 10 first-round playoff series where there have been five times sweep. respectively, in 2015 (celtic), 2014 (charlotte), 2013 (bucks), 2009 (piston) and 2007 (wizards); three times beaten 4-1, respectively, in 2012 (knicks), 2011 (76) and 2010 (bulls); twice beaten 4-2, respectively, in 2008 (washington) and 2006 (washington).

what is always worth mentioning is that james in the playoffs losing time, had to be traced back to may 2012, when the heat in the total score of 3-0, the fourth war with 87-89 loss to. after that, james, in the first round of the competition, has so far made 13-game winning streak.

in addition, according statistics, james is always very likely to win the first round of playoffs and even beat super stars such as michael jordan and kobe bryan. his winning percentage is as high as 85 percent in the first round, beat magic johnson (81%), larry bird (73%), kobe bryant (67.6%), and jordan (67.4%). thus, the presence of james, at least one team may be the lower limit, to a high level.

including this season, this is james' 11th consecutive playoff appearances. should he be able to reach the finals, then this will be the sixth consecutive james led in the nba finals.

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