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nba 2k16 continues to full body scan nba players in the league

Date: 7/6/2015 5:27:52 PM

nba 2k15 is undoubtedly the best basketball video game. but the company is very sensible and not contented with the current success. they will further improve the authenticity of the game in nba 2k16.


by scanning the nba players, the accuracy in the game will be further refined. every shooting move and defensive action will be very authentic. when we are using superstar players, their signature moves and outstanding skills will be clearer for observation and learning. at the same time, nba 2k16’s physical model, collision and physical contact will be upgraded so as to reduce the appearance of players penetration which happens in nba 2k15.

every giant in his own field has had times of confusion. 2k is good at dealing with confusions when it comes to the game. there will be new addition to nba 2k16’s myteam. while they are working with some legendary players, they also make precise data synchronization with players of high potential and rookies. gamers are even able to know players’ performances in the next season as well as the development of rookies. common issues in nba 2k15 will be greatly changed in nba 2k16.


if you are a fan of nba, then you will want to try the nba 2k16. nba 2k16 is officially available for pre-order on amazon. your favorite players are definitely available in myteam. if you need mt coins, you can visit


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