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nba 2k15 myteam warriors champions pack is now available

Date: 7/11/2015 5:08:49 PM

nba 2k15 warriors champions pack has been available in myteam. you can get quite a few gold players by opening pack. let’s take a look at the traits of nba 2k15 warriors players.


with different coaches, even the same lineup can play in a different matter. different from mark jackson, steve kerr believes in the lineup of smaller players. that’s the reason why he replaces david lee by green and includes the latter in the starting lineup. warriors’ major lineup consists of 4 smaller players and a big one. the change in lineup leads the team to win the regular season championship.


both green and barnes are very strong wingers. they form warriors’ defensive system together with bogut. when it comes to attack, the combination of stephen curry and klay thompson can be the most aggressive in the league, with the average coins of 45.5. it’s the same case with the transformation in 2k15. when facing a deadlock, we can change offensive approaches and tactics, which will make it hard for the opponent to react.


similarly, during the final against cavaliers, when warriors were 1:2 behind the opponent, the coach decided to change the lineup and put andre iguodala (who never played as a starter in regular seasons) in the starting lineup. the lineup of 5 small players finally won the first title. andre iguodala outplayed curry and won nba finals mvp.


mvp andre iguodala is the best card this player has ever had. in myteam, he has flexible positioning, excellent shooting ability, solid defense, so it’s a good idea to use mt coins to buy him. the combination of curry and thompson are good at breaking, stealing, three-coin shooting and tactical coordination. green and barnes can work together to make space with good positioning before create scoring opportunities.


by opening the champions pack, you are very likely to get great players. you can buy nba2k mt coins and then get the players by opening champions pack or in the market. they are very worth having.

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