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wishlist and improvements: nba 2k17 expected to be better than 2k16

Date: 4/20/2016 6:01:10 PM

in nba 2k, warriors' stephen curry obviously has better performances in the real nba games than in 2k16. the three-coiner is his main way to score, but the hit rate is low in 2k16. this is something that we would like to be improved. 

that being said, nba 2k16 is already an almost perfect game. as the best basketball video game, the game has high rating. frankly, you still have to be innovative despite all the praise. the gamers' opinion on the game is the most critical. 

we are not going to talk out the major issues that expected to be improved. here is a list of some of the minor problems that we hope will be improved in nba 2k17. 

first and foremost is the server of nba 2k17. nba 2k16's server sometimes drives the players crazy. nba 2k17 needs to do something to attract more players. below is a nba 2k17 wishlist. 

1. nba 2k16 mycareer return to 2k15 interspersed with small plot.

2. auditorium vacancy occurs and the overlap with other items.

3. nba 2k16 mt gauntlet has its own 3 and select the computer for the trial card.

4. tactic setting is not fast.

5. carry out alterations based on real nba game player part of the regular season, stephen curry has a high ability to score three-coiners in the game, but did not have a good performance.

6. the lack of detail in mycareer, each tough finals, and after many championship themselves and their teammates can look forward to his acceptance speech at the award ceremony, 2k16 very simple end of this particular game

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