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nba 2k16 badges guide and tips on the practical use

Date: 4/21/2016 3:27:09 PM

how should we choose badges in nba 2k16? provides a guide on how to choose nba 2k16 badges and how to use them in the game. the guide is written based on gaming experience. hopefully it will be helpful to you. 

nba 2k16 mt player badges.jpg

first, regardless of the players inside and outside the line, players need a badge package of acrobat, relentless finisher, and fierce competition. the three are all indispensable. fierce competition is good for the defense and will reduce the opponent's hit percentage, making it one of nba 2k16 indispensable badge.

perimeter players must have defensive anchor and dodge, one man fast break and relentless finisher. if dunk attributes and tendencies are high and the players must add up empty then dunk terminator; then shooting badge combination package, just add what is missing what better marksman than shooting off the dribble, add priority skills.

when it comes to corner specialist and limitless, these two 3-coin badges are not necessary for player whose rating is lower than 90 such as wall. corner specialist is better than limitless. the hit percentage is wide. you can use paul george of the hot zone as a reference. the red zones on both sides are corner specialist bonus. 

limitless bonus is only a step beyond the 3-coin line, but you should also consider the hot zone. always remember, or that wall, corner location is blue, so do not add corner specialist, added up to a white effect, not cast into the ball or vote of no progress, no need to waste resources.

as for post player, perimiter and post lockdown defender must be added. they are reduced badges and opponents hit rate; there is also a back body rotation must be added, there are no players have this badge is turned back to play two levels. last but not least, no matter whom, the ten cents need a badge which will increasing the shooting percentage of the player.

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