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nba 2k16 mt warriors' odds to advance up to 98%

Date: 5/5/2016 1:03:13 PM

in the second qualifying round of playoffs, the warriors' odd to qualify reaches 98.4%. the team is also the most likely to win the championship, with a possibility of 47.4% which is more than the sum of the spurs and cavaliers.

nba 2k16 mt curry 0505

after curry suffered a knee injury, the warriors won once clouded prospects. on the winning odds before betting given by the company, the spurs had to overtake warriors. it is considered the most likely team to win.

now, the situation has completely changed. first, curry knee injury continues to improve, he expected the first three games in the series, or the first four games on the back. meanwhile, the warriors in the western semi-final encounter is not the enemy clippers, but all the way to upset the blazers. series before the two games, the warriors even without curry, strength is also higher than the blazers length. following the first battle to win easily, warriors achieves complete reversal in the super game 2 iv, currently a 2-0 lead.

without curry, the warriors can yet win over the trail blazers. when curry is back, this series will be no more suspense. according to us authoritative data website with 1000 computer calculations, the probability obtained warriors advance to the western finals is 98.4%. the probability of the blazers advancing is miserable 1.6%.

other groups in the second round showdown, the knights reached the eastern conference finals qualify for the probability of 76.1%. although the spurs lost home-court advantage, but compared to the thunder, they are still in control of promotion initiative, the probability of 63.9%. most intense competition is a series raptors and miami heat, the two teams currently qualify for the fifty - fifty probability.

as for the probability of winning, the warriors have turned the corner by re-occupying the first position of the list. in the case of eight teams have the opportunity to champion the case, the probability of winning a warriors team reached 47.4%, almost equal to the sum of the other seven teams, you can see how the strength of their superior.

spurs have the second highest probability of winning team, 23%, less than half of the warriors. knight is the strongest eastern team. they reached the finals of the probability of 53.1%, but only 14.4% chance to win. from this perspective, we are not optimistic about the cavaliers in the finals no matter which team they will meet. 

thunder win probability is currently 7.4%, while the raptors, hawks, and miami heat eastern conference teams have slim (less than 4%) probability to win.

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