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nba real reason for spurs loss, lack of the ability to fight a protracted battle

Date: 5/6/2016 5:56:41 PM

let's take a look at spurs' latest two games. the two teams' performances are below their ability, especially the spurs, even with the big victory.


spurs is a team well known for its system, in this case, the most obvious is the team played players score in widely dispersed among the game players use a large number of non-ball screens and screens. in contrast, two games, aldridge scored the first 37 coins, second 41 coins, the team score accounted for 35.7% of such data and the spurs system is the opposite.

there is also a reason for shooting. if we see it from a different coin of view, it can be intentional. please do not ignore that, in addition to defense outside the arena, shoot, score also to taxing, if the first coin of attack early exhaustion, the last is likely to collapse and cause injuries. in addition, this is what the thunder wants, after all, and aldridge is on a bit of adams and kantor, westbrook and durant can retain more strength to ensure that the last few minutes of the impact.

there is also a data worth to consider. with the two games against thunder, aldridge averaged and leonard shot 37 times, accounting for 42% of the team's total shots during the regular season, this data is only 35 %.

below is the brief analysis. let's dig it deeper now.

since the departure of harden thunder, thunder team has been underestimated; especially durant and westbrook suffered a series of injuries the past few seasons. however, this season, the thunder gradually winning back the rhythm, with between westbrook and durant more mature, although there are still loopholes in the team signings, the team met 70% of union still rampant.

the reason why there will be a 30% percent of the team will lose, the crux of the largest in the team offense and defense should appear unstable, cannot long maintain the 82 regular-season games for the longest winning streak in seven games will be able to indirectly prove the above the opinion of.

this is exactly where the spurs should be considered, in order to bring down the thunder into the western conference finals, the only way is to do the fight a protracted war, even if won, ahead of the next race but also actively evolutions, the actual situation binding way to win. the same applies to the thunder as well.

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