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mcgrady: curry named mvp only because nba's "watered down"

Date: 5/11/2016 2:26:03 PM

curry is unanimously named to be the regular season's mvp. he gets all the first-place votes, becoming the first person in league history. however, for curry's unanimous election, the former rockets star tracy mcgrady is not convinced. in a show, mcgrady said the fact that curry is unanimously elected indicates that the league is "watered down".

nba 2k16 mt 03 tracy mcgrady vs stephen curry.jpg

in the past season, curry has had outstanding performance, leading the team to have 73 wins. however, at the same time that the union has a lot of retired players curry(97 rating card ps4 200000 nba 2k16 mt,xb1 190000 mt coins) also issued a lot of questioning voice. robertson has said before, curry so well is because the coach did not know how to defend.

"if you come across a good player with such a shooting ability, you cannot expand defense it? i think, now the coach did not understand how to teach, they do not know how to defend, let the players do not know what to do, they data analysis will only talk about that sort of thing. "

"for him to be the first player to get this unanimously, it just tells you how watered down our league is," mcgrady(96 rating card 560000 ps4 nba 2k16 mt coins,xb1 750000 mt coins) said. "think about when michael jordan played, shaq, i mean, those guys really played against top-notch competition, more superstars, i think, on more teams than it is in our league today. but it’s well deserved; he had a hell of a season. he breaks all kinds of records, various rewrite history, but far from curry the ability to get reach unanimous vote, like lebron - james, a player has to get at least one of the first ballot."

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