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stephen curry to be mvp again; r.c. buford named executive of the year

Date: 5/10/2016 10:44:07 AM

stephen curry is set to be the mvp this regular season, and the ceremony is due this week. he was the mvp last season, which means he wins it again. spurs manager r.c. buford is named the executive of the year of the 2015-16 season. buford gets 77 coins, followed by blazers general manager neil olshey who gets 63 coins.


since last season, this is the second time that curry has become a mvp. also after jordan, duncan, nash, and james, superstar, historical 11 won mvp player. in the history, there are at least 13 to get through two mvp players. in addition curry still following the "magic" johnson and nash, the third received at least two mvp coin guard.

curry can be reelected mvp, and is also deserved. this season under his leadership, the warriors ho to take 73 wins, breaking the record of 72 wins held the bulls. at the same time in the regular season, curry's performance is extremely prominent, his team played a total of 79 games, averaging 30.1 coins, 5.4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals while shooting 50.4% three-coin shooting rate of 45.4%. data in the league rankings, curry scores are ranked first and steals. even more amazing it is that curry efficiency value reached 31.56, compared to 28.06 last season, which is more impressive.

it is worth mentioning that this season curry has a total of 402 three-coiners, this is the first time in league history a player in a single season hit record more than 400 three-coiners.

in addition, curry true shooting percentage (66.9%) and win shares (17.9) were a career high, this perspective, this season could be described as curry embarked on his career peak.

led by curry this season, the warriors made a record of 73 wins, breaking the 95-96 season, the bulls created history. in the opening stages of the season, curry led, the warriors will get a 24-game winning streak, the same record breaking. with individual and team double harvest, curry ends the suspense early mvp attribution.

nba executive of the year is elected by voting. managers cannot vote for themselves. union 30 managers each have three votes, a first-round votes counted 5 coins, a count of 3 coins two tickets and a numerical score of 1 three votes. buford get 29 votes in the first round of nine, received a total of 77 coins. trail blazers general manager orsi received a total of 10 votes in the first round, got 63 coins, ranking second. in third place, the warriors general manager - bob meyers, he got five votes in the first round, a total of 38 coins.

in the 2013-14 season, buford has won a best managers. he was re-elected this time, mainly because he through the operation, the spurs smooth transition to the era of gdp from the current two-tak. the summer of 2015, buford signed lamarcus aldridge, david west, boban maggia norwich, who left tim duncan and manu manu ginobili, spurs continue to be a popular team championship.

due to the operation of buford, spurs not only has a strong lineup, depth is the league's best. spurs bench efficiency is up to 10.9 this season, the league first. in addition to the introduction of the west, who contributed a lot outside the first round in 2014 buford selected kyle - anderson is also an important force. because of the excellent starters and depth, the spurs this season, has created a series of historical record.

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