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60% of nba players have been fined; will nba 2k17 mycareer include this element?

Date: 5/18/2016 2:57:10 PM

nba players fined nearly 6 percent, in nba 2k17 mycareer whether to include this element

to date, nba players have to pay a fine of $ 5.22 million to the league. in 2015-16 season, the annual salary that does not exceed the luxury tax is $ 5.464 million. of course, the season is not over yet, so the final amount of the fine will change. it means that an average player has to play a season to pay his fine. 


in this regular season, a total of 244 players eat a technical foul. there are 18 players, although without technical foul, but have the foul. calculated in accordance with the standard number of 15 people per team, only a technical foul and foul is fine the number has reached the proportion of the total union 58.2%, with more than half have had the experience of being fined, illegal really come off guard.

why does nba fine players? the answer just use several words to sum up: to maintain brand image. after years of operation, nba has become a global sports brand, since it is a brand, it is necessary to maintain brand image, regardless of former president david manchester well still active president of adam silverstone will maintain all nba brand image based.

when it comes to the type of penalty, in addition to direct technical foul penalty, there are many fine names. according to a fine report in the 2003-13 season, fine category reached 21, of which the highest proportion was criticized referee (accounting for 23.75%). they are followed by the fans disrespectful behavior (accounting for 12.32%), the impact of the referee (10.26%), fight (7.62%), foul (6.45%), such as diving, do indecent action, unauthorized leave, shirts and other violations are also within the scope of punishment.

at the same time, the league will make punishment a number of off-site behaviors that affect the brand image of, such as shootings, criticism union, inappropriate remarks published on social networking sites. jennings in 2009 for the publication of information immediately after the race, in violation of social our site provides fined $ 7500, becoming the social networking site because of improper use of the pioneers who were fined. for example, in 2012, jr smith tweeted indecent photographs of his girlfriend, he was fined $ 25,000, including the object nba punishment players, owners, coaches and team, of course, because the players are the main force in the nba, so under normal circumstances, the fines of players are the major ones.

elements like this can add fun content and playability to the game. will nba 2k17 mycareer add them? add some custom off element in making things that are harmful to the image of the nba also nba 2k17 vc coins of reward and punishment, if well join these custom elements. i believe that nba 2k17 mycareer will continue to secure it in the nba 2k series component, so that the game is not limited to single player mode.

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