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thunder best warriors; nba 2k16 mt releases westbrook playoffs card

Date: 5/17/2016 2:39:11 PM

the thunder had a 108-102 away win cover the warriors, 1-0 in the western conference finals series. westbrook has 27 coins, 12 assists, and 7 steals, which sets thunder playoff history record. with 30.7 remaining, durant scored and had 26 coins and 10 rebounds. warriors' three players have more than 20 coins, but the team skill lost the home advantage. curry has 26 coins, 10 rebounds, 7 assists and seven turnovers. thompson had 25 coins and 9 rebounds.

nba 2k16 mt warriors vs thunder.jpg

westbrook and curry met on the court, apparently the main theme of this series. in the first half of the game, curry had 14 coins, six rebounds, six assists and three steals, westbrook 8 shots 1, only 3 coins. however, the second half of the race, the two-dialogue situation has undergone enormous changes, westbrook 19 coins in the third quarter frantically create a single career playoff scoring record, and he is also in the final moments with stable free throws thunder hold the advantage. the whole game westbrook also sent seven steals. it is not only his personal playoff high, but also to rewrite the history of the thunder record.

facing such an important game, the warriors seemed very relaxed and down. thompson walked the dog to the park on friday. "it's very interesting." thompson said, "my legs still have a lot of energy, but never really exhausted from harden to lillard, to westbrook and durant, you have to go through challenges, but you must also get enough rest."

before the game, westbrook revealed his defensive strategy to deal with curry. "he's a pitcher, is the type i've ever seen." westbrook said. "he is the kind of lillard and 4-5 feet away from the three-coin line can hit players, defensive them, we must use different strategies to maintain the necessary physical confrontation."

after the game, curry completed 45 consecutive games (from 21 april 2013 to date) playoff thirds fetched feat, surpassing reggie miller's 44 games in a row (from may 14, 1995 to april 30, 2000), creating a new record. westbrook got 19 coins in the third quarter, creating a single playoff scoring record. his seven steals not only a personal playoff career high, but also to rewrite the history of the thunder record.

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