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nba finals prediction: winning odds of knight vs. thunder and knight vs. warriors

Date: 5/23/2016 2:50:00 PM

although knight suffered the first defeat (10 playoff wins and 1 lose), no one will doubt the strength of the knight. their goal is the battlefield of the finals. thunder and warriors are fighting to be the best western team. both teams are very strong, but they have different features.


knight's advantages and disadvantages

knight's tactics are simple and tough. with the wings opened defense, james and owen turns breakthrough, if the opponent one on one defense, killed directly get coins, if the opponent take the double-team defense, the ball quickly activate the fire outside. owen was originally singles little prince, since cooperation with james, especially last season to get "if single-game assists dared to swallow zero peril" james issued the "intimidation", slowly learned to find his way in the space of raid teammate owen this progressive learning paradigm called james a good example.

thunder vs. knight

thunder have the ability to beat the spurs, but the main reason is still the core of the system giants spurs are old. the succession of the players did not play in the expected level. if the knights of thunder, star ball competition can prevail. warrior is uncomfortable for james style, they have spray brothers, there is the green jack-of-all-trades, as well as an effective tactical play, fighting giant warriors afraid. when it comes to the system, it is better than the cavaliers are.

knight vs. warriors

warrior's squad has a very special advantage. there are many offensive launches. stephen curry and klay thompson and green are of this type, as well as the bench and andre iguodala livingston, which had five players are able to be able to shooting can organize, can play the initiator of the attack, but also offensive finisher. james finals last season has average 35.8 coins 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists, data is almost guards, but the cavaliers lost to the warriors. the warriors lose more than the rotation speed, people can attack the ball, thanks to james and the cavaliers a person drive, hit the last was really tired out, james curry did not lose, but lost to the warriors this powerful team. if this time, again in the finals, james has around the healthy owen and kevin love, but the lineup is not better than that of warriors.

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