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nba playoffs: green will not be suspended in game 4

Date: 5/24/2016 11:53:13 AM

warriors player draymond green will not be suspended for kicking steven adams in groin in game 3. while green will not be suspended, the foul has been upgraded to flagrant 2. at the same time, he is fined $ 25,000 


flagrant 2 refers to the unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against his opponent, usually deliberately severe impact and follow-up action. green's case is eligible, so the league decided to upgrade his foul. in the second section of game 3, green ball attack para adams, his breaking ball against the post and adams did not move a top opponent. when ready to make a jump shot shaking action, green was adams foul, get rid of the ball at the same time, green has jumped into the air, his right foot just kicking adams' crotch.

after seeing the video playback, the referee coined out adams defensive foul. however, at the same time, the referee gave green a flagrant foul. two free throws gave the thunder throw. this node become the turning coin of the game, and then hit the thunder fierce wave of attacks, half to establish 25 coins advantage.

as for green's acts, many experts believe he should be suspended. however, green insisted that he was not deliberately kicked adams crotch, he said:"the action was not intentional, i do not understand why people would think that i deliberately left my jump right must also foot up, it was just to follow the action, i know what happened at that time, i did not mean. i know adams later to have children. i do not want to let him on the basketball court loss of fertility. "

green said: "after this happened, people were saying that i would be suspended, it makes me a little disapcoined, frustrated obviously, the second and i hit adams, but who said it was intentional. people might say, 'green once again hit adams, his purpose.' however, if i was intentional, will i do so obvious? "

for the current big score 1-2 behind the warriors, the green can be described, as good news will not be suspended in the crucial fourth war since green for them simply cannot be missing. playoffs this season, green averaged 16.6 coins, 6.5 assists, and 9.3 rebounds. he is not only the core of the team organization, or defensive core. he was present when the playoffs, the warriors 126 coins to win the match, and when he is not present this data is -17 coins, offensive, and have a great retrogression. today, green has been determined not to be suspended, the warriors can fight all out to tie the big score series.

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