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nba all-defensive first team: leonard unanimously selected

Date: 5/26/2016 6:01:47 PM

nba officially announced the 2015-16 season nba all-defensive first team. spurs superstar kawhi leonard gets all of the first votes and has been selected the first time along with draymond green, chris paul, deandre jordan and shawn paul bradley. lebron james consecutively misses the nba all-defensive first team for two seasons.

the 2015-16 season all-defensive first team features spurs' leonard, warriors' green, clippers' deandre jordan, celtics' bradley and clippers' chris paul. leonard gets all 130 first place votes (2 coins per ticket), with a total score of 260 coins. green gets 123 first votes, 5 second votes (1 coins per ticket), with a total score of 251 coins, followed by leonard.

leonard is the only two in league single-season contribution of at least 125 steals and 70 blocks of one of the players (the other was paul millsap), he is also the winner of the best defensive player this season. it's leonard's second consecutive year, nba all-defensive first team, following 2007 and 2008 of tim duncan, and a spurs player to do it. green also selected for two consecutive seasons best defensive first team, he was the first to do this warriors.

clippers center deandre jordan gets 47 first tickets, a second ballot 43, a total score of 137 coins, the celtics guard bradley get 62 first ballot, a second ballot 25, get 149 coins, paul is obtained 59 first ballot, a second ballot 30 consecutive 5th nominated for best defensive first team.

the all-defensive second team features millsap inside the hawks, pacers core paul george, heat center hassan whiteside, grizzlies guard tony allen and bulls star jimmy butler composition. which blocked shots whiteside get 44 first ballots, score 126 coins, narrowly lost to deandre jordan.

lebron james in the selection only gets 43 coins. he missed the best defensive team for the second consecutive season, proving that his court dominance is declining. curry won 13 coins in the selection, which are the first three ballots.

all-defensive first team(and coins)

forward: leonard 260 coins (130)

forward: green 251 coins (123)

center: deandre jordan 137 coins (47)

defender: bradley 149 coins (62)

guard: chris paul 148 coins (59)

all-defensive second team

best defensive team second array

forward: millsap 97 coins (11)

forward: paul george 48 coins (5)

center: hassan whiteside 126 coins (44)

guard: tony allen 121 coins (44)

defender: jimmy butler 62 coins (18)

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