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all-nba first team: curry, leonard, westbrook, james and jordan

Date: 5/27/2016 6:15:41 PM

the 2015-16 all-nba first team features stephen curry who get all 129 of the first ballot, lebron james with 125 first ballots and russell westbrook with 120 first ballots. deandre jordan is unexpectedly selected the first team.


all-nba first team

stephen curry (129 first ballots, 645 coins)

lebron james (125 first ballots, 637 coins)

russell westbrook (120 first ballots, 627 coins)

kawhi leonard (94 first ballots, 575 coins)

deandre jordan (39 first ballots, 317 coins

curry is the only player unanimously selected the first team. it is also his second consecutive all-nba first team. this season, curry led to get 73 wins, won the regular season mvp, he also became following the magic johnson, michael jordan and nash fourth consecutive year aspirations mvp guard. in addition, curry scoring, steals, three-coin field goals, free throw percentage ranked first in the league, he also became the first in the history 7th 180 club members.

james has gotten first 125 first obtaining ballots, which is also his 10th career all-nba first team, tying kareem abdul-jabbar, baylor, cousy, duncan, jordan, pettit and jerry west, in history on tied for second, only inferior to kobe bryant and karl malone (11th selected the first team).

in addition to these two players, westbrook first get 120 votes, westbrook hit a perfect season, he was averaging 23.5 coins 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds, is from oscar after robertson, the first in a single season averaging at least 23 coins, 10 assists and seven rebounds player. in addition, westbrook also got 18 triple-doubles, tying magic johnson 1981-82 season.

leonard vote results ranked the fourth, his second year in a row named defensive player of the year, it is 1989 when 91-year rodman, the first player to do so in a non-center.

the most surprising in this list is deandre jordan. this season, clippers center shooting 70.3% dominate consecutive hits list four seasons at the same time, he averaging 13.8 rebounds, 2.3 blocked shots , are ranked second in the league, he also became the first to play at least two seasons in the history of more than 70% hit rate of the players. in addition, deandre jordan has had 49 doubles, which ranks the 4th in nba.

all-nba second team

kevin durant (36 first ballots, 452 coins)

bradley richmond green (40 first ballots, 431 coins)

- chris paul (8 first ballots, 353 coins)

demarcus cousins (32 first ballots, 277 coins)

damian lillard (zero first ballots, 217 coins)

all-nba third team

andre - drummond (13 first ballots, 173 coins)

klein - thompson (zero first ballots, 164 coins)

- paul george (zero first ballots, 157 coins)

kyle - lori (zero first ballots, 155 coins)

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