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warriors beat thunder: pk between the strongest teams in nba 2k16

Date: 5/31/2016 6:12:01 PM

warriors have a 96-88 home victory over the thunder, advancing to the finals with a total score of 4-3. it became the first 10-playoff history, the history of the western conference finals the first one done in the case of 1-3 behind reversal of the team. warriors and cavaliers final rendezvous second consecutive year, this year's finals will be kicked off the warriors at home on june 3. curry took the game with 36 coins and 8 assists, the last two seasons he scored 30 + playoffs, the warriors' record is 13 wins and 0 losses. thompson hit six three-coiners 21 coins. durant scored 27 coins, westbrook 19 coins, 13 assists, and 7 rebounds.

the field star: curry and thompson three-coiners beat the thunder

in the first half most of the time, warriors are at a disadvantage, because they did not vote to open threes. half of the second quarter after thompson hit four consecutive three-coiners, the warriors suddenly stopped the decline, to know before that he was 0-for-7. the third quarter before the warriors scored all five three-coiners, which curry hit a three person in mind, the warriors also with five three-coiner go-ahead score. the fourth quarter when the thunder will be sent out to 4 coins after curry and opened with a third of the individual scores prologue, he took 15 coins in the fourth quarter, including 26.8 seconds left in the game to seal the victory three hits ball.

data record: thompson, curry, and westbrook, durant are outstanding

westbrook completed the game in two steals, so the total number of his playoff career steals to reach 158, which go beyond gary payton became the thunder team history (including the supersonic era) playoff steals.

in the first half, warriors had 42 coins, the lowest score in the first half of their playoffs this year, the third-lowest level this season, the first half scoring.

in the game, curry made seven three-coiners, so that he will race in the western conference finals series to hit 32 three-coiners, the previous history of single-round playoff series record 28 three-coiners.

in the game, thompson hit six three-coiners, so he hit the western conference finals on 30 three-coiners, so that two consecutive playoff series at least hit 28 three-coiners. in addition, thompson also surpasses danny angie, in the history of the playoffs three coin's standings to no. 21.

durant got 9 coins in the first half, his career playoff total score beyond kevin kevin garnett, the first 33 rose to a record. in addition, durant also surpasses dan marley, in the history of the playoffs three coin's standings to no. 17.

warriors became the first in the history of the western conference finals and the 10th in playoff history with complete reversal to win the series in the case of a team total score of 1-3 behind.

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