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nba classic tiebreak: which team has the most incredible performance?

Date: 5/30/2016 2:55:20 PM

warriors 108-101 beat thunder, allowing the tiebreak. in nba history, many tiebreak games are classic. let's take a look at some of the most classic ones.


1. [2015 western conference semifinals, the rockets vs. clippers]

rockets completed a miraculous reversal of the sixth, seventh game, back home against the clippers rockets counterattack, they eventually 4-3 reversal. this win in the history of the rockets became the first nine 1-3 behind, the final reversal of the team, re-enter the western conference finals after 18 years.

2. [2015, the first round of the western spurs vs. clippers]

this round of the series, most of the media experts are not optimistic about the clippers, but they beat the spurs in the tiebreak war. the game, paul pulled a back injury, hit at the last moment lore.

3. [2013 finals, the heat vs. spurs]

in that game, the heat 95-83 victory over the spurs, james the second team to win a championship tiebreak battle, james got 37 coins and 12 rebounds and 4 assists, ending the series.

4. [2010 finals, the lakers vs. celtics]

in the tiebreak battle, in the face of the big three again, bryant's efficiency is not high, but the key moment, the lakers metta world peace has become a hero, helping the team win the final victory, bryant finally got his fifth gold championship ring.

5. [2005 finals, the spurs vs. detroit pistons]

two tough defensive teams meet in the finals. they eventually fight to the seventh game. the game duncan had 25 coins and 11 rebounds, played a mainstay role, the spurs eventually won the third trophy in team history.

6. [2002 western conference finals, the lakers vs. kings]

in the 2002 western conference finals, the lakers beat the kings in the tiebreak war, that game, bryant played 52 minutes, scored 30 coins, shaquille o'neal 35 coins and 13 rebounds contribution, the lakers had worked hard to finally added to the finals. however, today, people are more concerned about the problem that seems to be the referee round series.

7. [2000 western conference finals, the lakers vs. trail blazers]

this is an incredible victory, in the case behind the distal 15 coins, shaquille o'neal and kobe bryant led the lakers final comeback, director magical reversal. at that time, the eastern weak, finals lakers smooth to get a championship.

8. [1998 eastern conference finals, the bulls vs. pacers]

it was the bulls for the first time in six years into the tiebreak war, the beginning of the fourth quarter, the bulls still in a backward position, but with jordan's excellent play, the bulls finally successfully enter the finals, finished first two three consecutive.

9. [1995 western conference semifinals, the rockets vs. sun]

rockets beat to death a little strong, in addition to last season in 1995. they have magical reversal of interpretation in the case of 1-3 behind. in the seventh game, mario elle magical one-third, one coin to help them win. in the end, the rockets got the championship that year.

10. [1994 finals, the rockets vs. knicks]

rockets had a 90-84 victory over the opponent. in this game, dream olajuwon completely overshadowed ewing. dream got 25 coins and 10 rebounds, helping the team win the tiebreak war.

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