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shaq vs. scottie: all-time lakers battle all-time bulls in 'nba 2k' simulation

7/23/2015 2:35:34 PM

we all witnessed the social media firestorm that took place as nba legends scottie pippen and shaquille o'neal went at one another over instagram on monday night. shaq kicked off the feud by posting a photo of his all-time greatest lakers up against the all-time greatest bulls with the caption "we would beat em by fifty."

pippen then responded and a feud was born. the whole thing got a little out of hand.

in honor of the ridiculous back-and-forth, b/r planned out a little simulation to find out if shaq was right.

could the all-time greatest lakers come out victorious against the all-time greatest bulls?

check the video below to find out.

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