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celtics willing to trade for kevin love if cavs fail to win the finals

Date: 6/8/2016 4:47:45 PM

in last year's finals, love was absent. owen was injured in the first game in the finals, james alone led the cavaliers was also big 2-1 lead, but ultimately helpless james, the cavaliers ended in failure. the finals of the season, the knights and warriors meet again, but the first two games of the finals, full health knight lose very thorough, currently has a total score of 0-2 behind the knights.


warriors are not invincible. when against the thunder series, they once 1-3 behind, almost stop the western conference finals. however, so far, the cavaliers did not show signs of possible confrontation with the warriors. it understand the relevant information, if the cavaliers lost the finals again this summer offseason, they will be particularly busy.

today, james has a sense of urgency. he really wanted to bring a championship trophy to the team. but now these helper beside him, owen and love lack of finals experience, cannot bring enough help to james.

in the last season, love had averaged 16 coins 9.9 rebounds, three-coin shooting rate of 36%. the playoffs, love averaging scored 16.5 coins, 9.4 rebounds, but shot just 38.9%. in fact, over the past season, on many occasions love fell into the trade rumors. when david blatter left, some of the cavaliers had said love would be sent away.

of course, the ultimate love stayed. it is just an expedient measure to get tyronn lue promoted. they want to accomplish the goal to win. you might need to make greater changes. if the cavaliers intend away love, then the celtics will probably choose him. today, the celtics are a playoff team, they have a great coach, but the team lacks players. of course, if the celtics want to trade love, the chips also a problem.

now knight need to win in the present. if the two teams are to trade, defensive midfielder claude is likely to be sent to the knight. because the cavaliers have owen, so they do not want to get isiah thomas, relatively speaking, marcus smart such a good perimeter defender who, for the cavaliers will be a good complement. this year's finals, the cavaliers defense issues highlighted, this fair to a large extent make up the team's deficiencies.

in addition, the cavs may also get to give the celtics draft pick third overall pick, the pick will give them an excellent outside shooter. although the cavaliers have jr smith, but this year's finals, jr once again fell into the doldrums, with the third overall pick to select the nickname "little library" buddy hilde or jamal murray, with respect jr- smith, this is definitely an upgrade.

despite the poor performance in cleveland, but the timberwolves period, love has proven their ability, in addition to the celtics, sources said, also intends to give the denver nuggets kevin love. if you really want the deal to the coin, the cavs can have a variety of options.

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