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nba 2k16 locker codes and cheats

Date: 6/12/2016 2:51:19 PM

the locker codes released will give fans additional virtual currency (vc) which can be used to upgrade players or teams, as well as buy additional items in the game. code shoot2much500 will give the player 500 vc, while #2ktvpostseason will give 1,000 vc, according to kpopstarz.

other gears or items can be unlocked using #2ktvmelogear, #aircraftcarrier and ra9m5-eqzcf-2eyqq-if5af-uep51 codes. locker codes for different star players including lebron james, stephen curry, and michael jordan have also been released.


according to venture capital post, the "nba 2k16" locker codes includes vcs, new gears and unlockable players.

here's the list of locker codes taken from the said site.

shoot2much500 - 500 vc

2ktvpostseason - 1,000 vc

2ktvmelogear, aircraftcarrier, ra9m5-eqzcf-2eyqq-if5af-uep51 - unlocks bonus items

payrespect - unlocks the blue, red, and white aba ball.

9buqs-qtkdu-asyju-3w183-qvxbc - lebron james

nxyj4-wqcrd-c2dqn-s36gf-tjmz4 - stephen curry

gsum3-esarx-gxd3t-s3qjq-fietu - shaquille o'neil

fzv7p-fq9su-srnzz-9ab27-9zuut - michael jordan

xfqdt-tmq6z-i1tm6-8q8j5-wnjgq - isaiah thomas

amib1-95pfl-fd7lb-dqxhx-s7rbt- carmelo anthony

zg9qq-vyavk-i2zud-tu2vl-zfylq - larry bird

q1585-cpewu-hznwy-wk2ew-v1e4c - karl malone

wr9kl-6nq9z-cwwgf-mvg4c-t3l8p - paul george

85285-a1j16-s4op6-eio4r-dxsj6 - hassan whiteside

pjhk3-e122x-lez9j-4vows-ts62r - kristaps porzingis

to unlock the codes, players will need to go to the main menu and access "options." from there, players need to choose "features," and then "locker codes," before inputting the respective code to unlock the desired item, according to vine report.

another nba2k16 locker codes website has revealed a code generator for the gamers to have "on demand" codes for the ps3, ps4, xb360, xb1 and pc games.

"get unlimited free nba vc locker codes with the nba locker codes generator which can get a fresh code every time you use it," the website noted.

"the nba vc code generator is safe to use and also has many features like anti ban system and also proxy system is added to it so that this tool can be used on same ip more than once a day."

the complete list is as follows:locker codes

at the main menu, select “options”, “features”, then choose the “locker codes” selection. enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding bonus.

500 vc: shoot2much500

1,000 vc: #2ktvpostseason

random item: #2ktvmelogear

random item: #aircraftcarrier

random item: ra9m5-eqzcf-2eyqq-if5af-uep51

aba ball: payrespect

expired codes

2k tv shirt for myplayer: #2ktvheyguys

50% chance to get a legend player: #fiftyfiftynba2klegend

500 vc: parkswag

750 vc: keepthechange

1,000 vc: iwatchednba2ktv

1,000 vc or random item: sweetpotato

2,000 vc: betterthanagiftcard

andre drummond jersey for myplayer: #t.a.g.o.d.0

free legend player: #freenbalegend

free myteam pack: #badgeuponnba2k15

random item: heyguys

random item: mystery

random myplayer item: newyearnewgear

vip pack: #ronnie2kchallenge

easy skill coins

the easiest way to build skill coins is by using a three coin specialist. as a three coin specialist, you already have the ability to put up big numbers as opposed to being athletic or a scorer. you get the most sp for three coin fgs.

recommended young players in mygm

orlando magic:

elfrid payton: 20 years old with 74 overall rating

nikola vucevic: 23 years old with 80 overall rating

victor oladipo: 22 years old with 78 overall rating

minnesota timberwolves

andrew wiggins: 19 years old with 77 overall rating

ricky rubio: 23 years old with 79 overall rating

zach lavine: 19 years old with 72 overall rating

philadelphia 76ers

joel embiid: 20 years old with 77 overall rating

michael carter-williams: 22 years old with 80 overall rating

nerlens noel: 20 years old with 76 overall rating

“nba 2k16” was released on sep. 29 for pc, ps3, ps4, xb360 and xb1, and has so far been well received by gamers, especially for its mycareer mode.

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