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nba finals cavaliers win a total score of 3-3 warriors

Date: 6/17/2016 2:50:19 PM

the field star: lebron james unstoppable

following the game after the game, lebron restore state again. the whole game he got 41 coins and eight rebounds and 11 assists, was outstanding. on their own sites, james honored before the game promises to keep his own home, he will be moved to oakland and the cavaliers, a seventh field final battle.


match trend: knight pummeled opponents

home game, knight desperate for a stroke, the opening will be the darling of fast-break dunks succeeded james storm adds 2 coins, the home team 8-0 start. the hapless carrefour first section played only 1 minute 30 seconds to accumulate 2 guilty and had to be substituted. warriors here is a stick knocked dizzy, then the game play feel dizzy, curry soon receive 2 guilty benched after a continuous run wild inside thompson, james layup and then, and 26-9. then mo dumped adds 2 coins, jefferson made two free throws, leading the cavaliers have 20 separate outside. thompson continued to storm inside, andre iguodala jumper finally succeeded, the first section of harding park, the cavaliers to 31-11 lead. 11 coins from offensive score is 24 seconds since the implementation of the rules, the warriors playoff single lowest score.

curry distal appear personally fifth foul, but soon teeth biao-third of individuals in the first six, james layup houbabosa bottom line again in the long-range, 79-86. when the two sides closer to 7 coins difference time-sharing, james scored four coins to stabilize the situation. the next game, although the warriors are constantly on coins, but the defense is full of loopholes, and james thompson continuous complete to empty, 99-86. curry before the end of the game 4 minutes 22 seconds appears personally committed 6, rage and protest against the referee eat a technical foul, was ejected directly, the defending champion hopeless situation.

in finals history, it has never been behind 1-3 comeback case, 32 a similar situation, behind one completely destroyed. the last time 1-3 to 3-3 to give dates back to 1966. at that time the celtics and lakers, the los angeles lakers 1-3 in the case of lianban two behind, but in the end still lost 3-4. in other words, regardless of the results of the seventh game, the cavaliers have become the third team in the finals from 1-3 behind to 3-3 team.

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