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cavaliers' first championship in history: james becomes fmvp with triple-doubles

Date: 6/20/2016 11:20:26 AM

warriors were beat by cavaliers 89-93 in the tiebreak in home battle, with a total score of 3-4, losing the championship. lebron james is finally bringing back home the championship. cavaliers become the first team in history that initially were 1-3 behind in the final but made a 4-3 comeback. in 2016, cavaliers get the first championship in history.

star of the game: owen

in the final minutes of the game, two sides have fought to exhaustion and almost lost the offensive capability. who will break the deadlock? 53 seconds before the end of the game, owen stood out. under the pressure from curry, owen managed to make a three coiner, scoring in a curry style. cavaliers won a decisive lead. throughout the game, owen got 26 coins and 6 rebounds.

does anyone remember what owen said? "i want to give james a championship, as a gift to him." he did.


game detail: cavaliers managed to score

the defending champion temporarily changed the lineup. azeroth was among the starting lineup. however, after the opening shock warrior cavaliers still restricted, with james thompson continuous raid succeeded. then the defending champion opened the outside, along with barnes and green hit consecutive three-coiners, the warriors a wave of 8-0. cavaliers do not show weakness, jefferson, and jr continuous inside attack succeeded, the visiting team once again regain the lead. the first section of the game the two teams you come to me, both sides alternately lead. carrefour single wild brush 7 rebounds, fouls james barbosa manufacturing last minute, made two free throws after the cavaliers to 23-22 lead 1 minute.

at the end of the game, cavaliers was holding a narrow lead, owen himself under the spell rebounds to complete the second attack, 81-78. curry dislocation singles thompson-thirds vote in the ultra long-range, three-coin line and then stepping thompson in a ball, the warriors go-ahead, tyronn lue immediately requested a suspension. suspended after jefferson missed a jumper, green grab rebounds fill in. james made three fouls in eiser, eiser dislocation singled in two-thirds vote, 89-87. thompson reached the restricted area layup, two teams tied again

in the last minutes, cole used the death lineup. tyronn lue was replaced by kevin love. james was andre iguodala capped before the end of the game 2 minutes 50 seconds, james wong got his 10th rebounds, three pairs of realization. the two teams are in the field to fight exhaustion, andre iguodala, james was the perfect opportunity to chase big body cap afraid of destruction, before the end of the game 1 minute 10 seconds, the cavaliers the ball, tyronn lue requested a suspension.

owen was against curry and managed to have a three coiner. on the contrary curry missed thirds strong cast, james green was vicious dunks foul, james made two free throws after the cavaliers to 93-89 lead four minutes, the game only 10.6 seconds. strong defending champion missed two-thirds vote, the cavaliers finally got an away victory.


game sidelights: james makes a 28-year record

james had a triple-double in the end, which means that he became another player who has a triple-double in the tiebreak game since 1988. it has been 28 years. it is worth mentioning that this is james' seventh individual triple-doubles in the playoffs. he is currently the second-ranking, second only to magic johnson (8 playoff triple-doubles).

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