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cavaliers hope to create nba 2k17 mt dynasty

Date: 6/27/2016 2:50:21 PM

cavaliers reversal warriors win, one stroke laid the foundation of the dynasty founded. knight has five advantages, if they can effectively use, have a chance to win three consecutive nba ushered let cleveland era.


1.line neat

founded dynasty must have excellent team chemistry, the knights win prove the validity of their staffing adequacy, and collaborate with each other, and hold this lineup, it is an important step to create a knight nba cleveland era.

guarantee the complete line-up of top priority is to renew james, the cavaliers can rest assured that james has publicly promised that he would stay. "i love this, i love my teammates," james said, "my agent will get the job, i'm happy, now not going anywhere."

maybe james would sign this summer 1 + 1 contract, but after a year in order to obtain the rights for bird maximize contract, not for leaving the team to prepare, leaving james knight on this issue without pressure. knight owen and two other giant carrefour contracts are there four years, tristan - thompson, too, shumpert three years, frye two years, there is a small mo year contract.

dellavedova is a restricted free agent, which means that the knights can leave dellavedova by matching the offer the way other teams, the cavaliers have renewed the initiative. richard - jefferson after the end of the final seven games revealed plans to retire, but in the championship parade when jefferson said he would like to play one more year.

j.r. smith is expected to be out of the contract, but the cavaliers do not have to worry about him leaving. smith has hired ridge - paul served as a broker, ridge - paul james's agent, james also buddies, he also agents of tristan - thompson's business affairs. smith ability, but his character is not good control, the league only to let james smith obey, james smith also liked the feeling of playing around. "i want to stay here," smith said, "i love the fans here, i love the fans, love my teammates."

if the cavs can and smith settled in the new testament, it means that the winning team starting five all left behind, with the frye, hong porter, little mo, jefferson and is expected to leave the team dellavedova, the main rotation remained stable.

2.james is still the pinnacle

during the regular season, james has the old saying is quite popular, especially curry lord it over the regular season, james appears to no longer have the courage. in fact, james regular season averaging 25 + 7 + 7 is still super giant standards, but people enjoy the library after the marvelous shooting, i felt james almighty dull.

for the regular season, james is just "health" stage, as a third year nba career, averaging 31 + 7 + 7 players, james had already proved their ability to use data regular season career stage, only postseason even the finals race only in order to see the full zhan.

2016 finals, james scored a total of 208 coins 79 rebounds and 62 assists and 18 steals in 16 blocks in nba history the first five data are ranked first in the series players. after the last stand of the fifth and sixth nba finals, james consecutive two bombers under 41 coins, becoming the 2000 o'neill, the first in the finals two consecutive 40 + players.

finals tie-break, james surrendered 27 coins and 11 rebounds and 11 assists in three pairs of transcripts, becoming the third nba history in the final seven games played three pairs of players. james dominant force in the finals has been most vividly demonstrated, he proved that he is still in today's basketball first. james does not participate in the olympics this summer, which made him get more time to rest, as the defending good physical reserves.

3.can abuse curry underboss

of course, it is undeniable that james's athletic ability is bound to increase with age and a certain degree of decline, coupled with the 6 consecutive years into the finals of fatigue, he wants to lead the cavaliers to create a dynasty, there must be a force for underboss assistance. fortunately, there are around james owen.

owen 2015-16 regular season in general, failed fourth consecutive all-star, the fact that the regular season is just the warm-up period with a knee injury owen after rehabilitation, in the playoffs he averaged 25.2 coins, 4.7 assists and 1.7 steals, shooting 47.5% three-coin shooting 44%. in the finals, owen completely suppressed unanimous mvp curry, 30 + 7 games, three games, a lock key three tiebreak war, the alliance is to verify who the real big heart ace coin guard, well before the finals it is really good.

"i said at the beginning of the season he was able to become the league's best coin guard and mvp, he thought i was a smoke bomb," when it comes to james owen said, "i think we all watched the finals, his ability to see what how strong he was only 24 years old, it is still far from the peak of it. "

this session of the finals for owen who opened renduermo temper, he passed the test, whether or confidence superstar temperament, all the previous big difference. as long as owen to stay healthy, he will be able to effectively share the pressure of james, and james teamed up to build a dynasty.

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