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nba 2k17 release date -the hey guys awards & nba 2k17 info

Date: 6/28/2016 4:55:28 PM

nba 2k17 is expected to be out in september with new and improved features. the popular video game series has been experiencing some issue in its scanning system for quite some time. but the gaming company has resolved all the glitches. the game is the latest entry of "nba 2k" series.the new kicks from the mentioned sporting brand will be part of the massive selection of apparels that can be worn by the custom character the player made. what is yet to be known, though, will be the color variants and appearance of the shoe in the forthcoming game.


earlier, players had come out with concerns over the scanning system having several glitches. the players were either scanned with a wrong skin color or the system was not able to sense a face at all while scanning. this was causing a lot of frustration and disapcoinment as well. but now, with the new version of "nba 2k17", the face rendering feature is to be embedded in the form of app on mobile devices.

the reason why face scanning has been including in "nba 2k17" is that the users are able to personalize their in-game player. this would provide them with the opportunity to have a realistic feel of the game while playing it.

"nba 2k15" was the first to get the scanning system. now, it is an application which has been introduced on mobile devices called gameface 2.0 created by ea sports.

furthermore, sports game developer 2k has allowed players to choose from multiple game apparel options. this will enhance the personalization further. this includes off-court kicks and street wear. another new thing which has been added to "nba 2k17" is that the players can wear adidas yeezy boosts, as stated by sport techie. the exact color options and models which will be available in adidas yeezy boosts are yet to be revealed.

according to breathe cast, "nba 2k17" will allow the players to play the game in an underwater territory.

meanwhile, the game is now available on a pre-order basis for fans who would like to play ahead of the others. those who will avail of the said offer will be entitled to the game's pre-order package that includes 5,000 virtual currency (vc ) and three booster packs with an ensured paul george card under the myteam bundle.

"nba 2k17" will hit the stores on sept. 20.

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