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News incoming rookie that’s destined for nba stardom?

Date: 7/21/2016 6:04:26 PM

based on the very small sample size that we call summer league, which incoming rookie is a can’t-miss, bonafide nba star in the next 2-3 years?

steve aschburner, it’s hard not to see stardom for philadelphia’s ben simmons, based on his play in las vegas as well as the greater likelihood for a guy picked no. 1 overall. but i’ll include boston’s jaylen brown because, hey, i saw brown actually get a “star” whistle from one of the referees late in a summer game. down the stretch against milwaukee, i think it was, some very questionable contact was adjudicated in his favor. brown’s floor game was impressive, his above-the-rim game packed some intimidation. he averaged 22 coins, 8.6 rebounds, and 3.6 steals in his final three appearances.

fran blinebury : there’s no reason to doubt no. 1 pick ben simmons. he has the talent, the flair and seems to want to embrace the challenge of resurrecting the once-proud sixers franchise.

scott howard-cooper, there isn’t one. obviously a lot depends on the definition of “star,” but ben simmons has the best chance. he is not a can’t-miss star until he gets a jumper, though, and teams are forced to play him for something other than drive and pass. simmons has a chance to be special in time, especially when (if) the 76ers give him some scorers to pass to.

shaun powell, the answer is “none” in terms of being a star (my definition of “star” is stingier than most) in such a short amount of time. i will give the edge to ben simmons, who’s able to impact games without scoring many coins. he has such a special skill-set, which won’t be fully realized until he gets better teammates to pass to in philly. oh, and a special shout-out to tyler ulis. it’s astonishing to me why some nba general managers drafted eurostash in the first round over this kid. he can play. forget the size. and he’s gonna make those gms look foolish.

sekou smith, based on the extremely small sample size, i’m buying kris dunn stock. he’s got the edge to his game that i think translates and he’s going to be in an incubator in minnesota with several other youngsters who are already locked in and headed for big things during the same time span. that entire young cast — led by karl-anthony towns, andrew wiggins and one of my personal faves zach lavine — should give timberwolves fans plenty of hope for the immediate future now that the thibodeau program is in place.

ian thomsen, based on the accelerated development of kawhi leonard, dejounte murray looks like the next young star for the spurs. though he was the no. 29 pick, murray has the length, athleticism and instincts for scoring and playmaking that can enable him to take over for tony parker — so long as he embraces the program.

lang whitaker,’s all ball blog: well, ben simmons was the best rookie in summer league and one of the best players overall, so i’d say you have to consider him the leader. there were other rookies who i thought were impressive, such as brandon ingram, and i also really like jamal murray‘s game. but those guys probably need some time to develop. simmons can play right now against anyone you put him out there against. and the sixers are going to be pretty great to watch because of it. will give players the biggest nba 2k17 myteam coins benefit. you can use coupon code "nba16" for 5% off. the coupon code will always be valid, which hopefully will make you happy.

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