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nba 2k17 news: the latest official game screenshots jimmy butler

Date: 8/18/2016 4:29:08 PM

jimmy "g" buckets is next in line to have his virtual picture taken for nba 2k17.

all week, 2k sports has been revealing screenshots of players from team tisi +% 2k, and wednesday is the chicago bulls swingman's day.

jimmy butler official game screenshots

jimmy butler for nba 2k17 news game screenshots

pacers star paul george 2k17 version was exposed, "george's hair and a tattoo is very clear in addition, in terms of the character's body, 2k17 also pay attention to some details, from the new paul george screenshots, the new season of the george character. the even more robust, which is also approaching reality.

nba 2k17 paul george

it's clear to see, 2k sports has taken measures to create a clear differentiation in body types. george and butler all have noticeably thicker 2k16 and 2k17 nba contrast is obvious, nba got more realistic picture effect.

nba 2k16 vs nba 2k17

butler's hair appears to be captured better, as is his shorter wingspan. his face is a little more sculpted, and as has been the case with the other two reveals, he looks more life like.

with gamescom in motion, we should be getting our first glimpse of gameplay soon-though it may be of the shaky-cam variety.

since 1999 sale, nba 2k series has received critical acclaim, the game is also considered the first evaluation of the past 15 years of nba immersive video game series, according to previously released information, nba 2k17 will be in september-29 2016 on sale.and you can have much nba 2k17 mt if you go to

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