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27 pts, kevin durant scored over jordan at the olympics

Date: 8/18/2016 4:34:06 PM

olympic men's basketball quarter-finals, the united states 105-78 victory over argentina, semi-finals. durant arise, scatter 9 of 13 shots, 7 of 9 from three-coiners, blasting cut 27 coins. at this coin, durant total score in the olympic stadium has more than jordan, the united states rose to fourth in team history.


before the game, durant olympic individual total score of 240 coins from jordan (256) there are 16 coins behind. taking into account the games group match, durant averaged 16.8 coins, he can finish in the field beyond the jordan, it is a major focus of the game.

in the group stage, durant shot 60%, three-coin shooting rate of 61%, high offensive efficiency. but because few shots, durant did not play as dominant 2010 world basketball championships and the 2012 london olympics like that. before this game against argentina, the united states bluntly coach coach k's team need a better durant.

perhaps heard the words of the coach, to this playoffs, durant murderous absolutely shattered, the state has improved significantly. only the first section of the game, durant open scoring performances, made free throw, long shot and a breakthrough quickly under the h-13 coins. in the second quarter, durant redouble their efforts, in a whirlwind three-coiners, scored 16 coins personal olympic total score tied jordan.

with the field under the h-27 coins, durant total score in the olympic games has reached 267 coins, beyond the jordan, ranking fourth national team history. durant also came in front of no. 3, "admiral" robinson (270 coins) and james no. 2 (273 coins), kd next game will be able to complete the two men beyond. currently, the us olympic men's basketball team history scoring is anthony (322 coins). since anthony was playing the olympic games, durant wants to go beyond his years about the possibility of basically non-existent.and please buy cheap nba 2k17 mt on

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