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nba 2k17 player ratings prediction:top 10 shooting guard(sg)

Date: 8/30/2016 12:53:16 PM

there are two things a shooting guard is supposed to do. the first is the ability to carrying the ball and play, which requires stable layup. the second is to find out the gap to shot. klay thompson and james harden have high scoring rate and hit rate. according to nba 2k16 ratings, makes predictions of nba 2k17 top 10 shooting guard(sg) player ratings.

top 1

klay thompson (warriors) 89 rating

nba 2k17 ratings klay thompson

klay thompson has an excellent 3-coin shooting ability. fast and high hit rate allow him to become the top one shooting guard and surpass in james harden in the 2015-16 season. klay thompson is selected the nba third team. in addition, when it comes to defense, klay thompson has better performance than james harden. therefore, thinks that nba 2k17 ratings sg thompson>harden.

top 2

james harden (rockets) 89 ratings

nba 2k17 ratings james harden

james harden is a top scorer, but not a top coin guard. in terms of goal percentage and 3-coin shooting, he is worse than klay thompson. he's not good at the defense either. the reason 2k gives him 92 ratings in nba 2k16 is because he is a spokesperson. there are no reasons that he is a top 1 sg. 

top 3

dwyane wade (bulls) 87 rating

nba 2k17 ratings dwyane wade

dwyane wade's important role in the team is beyond the scoring. as a superstar, for a few times, he helped the team to beat the opponents in the playoffs, with averaging 19 coins scored. after he leaves the miami, he will usher in a new time. 

top 4

jimmy butler (bull) 87 rating

nba 2k17 ratings jimmy butler

after the departure of rose and noah, butler becomes the core player in bulls. with wade joining the team, he might become the starting coin guard in nba 2k17. jimmy butler is selected nba second team in nba 2015-16. he is expected the best players in the bulls. 

top 5

demar derozan (raptors) 86 rating

nba 2k17 ratings demar derozan

raptors first entered the eastern conference finals in nba 2015-16. as far as this team is concerned, fans in canada are happy and excited. derozan's ultra-long-range shooting is one of the highlights of the team. he has averaging 23.5 coins, which makes derpzan sign him this summer.

top 6:bradley beal(wizards) 83 rating

top 7:victor oladipo(thunder) 82 rating

top 8: wesley matthews(mavericks)  81 rating

top 9:monta ellis(pacers) 81 rating

top 10:tyreke evans(pelicans) 81 raitng

some of you many hold different opinion when it comes to the rating. recently, 2k has been announcing nba 2k17 players ratings. if you are interested, you can keep an eye. if you want to buy these players in myteam mode after the release of nba 2k17, you can choose buy nba 2k17 mt coins for sale on you won't want to miss them. 

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