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nba 2k17 player ratings prediction:top 10 coin guard(pg)

Date: 8/26/2016 3:43:06 PM

golden state warriors lead nba into an age of fast pace and three coiners. the coin guard tends to the playmaker of the team and affects the results of the game by controlling the ball. stephen curry is undoubtedly the best coinguard in nba 2k17. below are's predictions of nba 2k17 top 10 coin guard(pg) player ratings based on nba 2k16 ratings.

top 1 

stephen curry(warriors) 94 rating

nba 2k17 ratings stephen curry

stephen curry is undoubtedly one of the player with the performance this season. he was unanimously voted regular season mvp, which means that he's a super star. in regular seasons, he's good at scoring and stealing, and has had 402 three-coiners. he led the team to win its 73rd victory and has a lot of personal honors. 

top 2

russell westbrook(thunder) 91 ratings

nba 2k17 ratings russell westbrook

with averaging 23.5 coins, 7.7 rebounds, 10.4 assists, russell westbrook this season to help the team into the nba western conference finals. with durant thunder's departure, nba 2k will let thunder have at least one 90+ rating player.  westbrook is an active top-level coin guard.

top 3

kyrie irving(cavaliers) 89 rating

nba 2k17 ratings kyrie irving

kyrie irving has most improved in this season. in the playoffs, he helped the cavaliers won the first championship. his seventh game of the finals the last three-coiner lore golden state warriors ended a magical season. buynba2kmt think 2k will limit the amount of players with over 90 rating, so 89 rating is the best reward for him. 

top 4

chris paul(clippers) 88 rating

nba 2k17 ratings chris paul

chris paul is still the absolute core of the team. injuries have affected him in bad way. 19 ppg +7.3 apg make it impossible for him to be rated 90.the clippers were beat by blazers just in the first round of the playoffs. 

top 5

damian lillard(trail blazers) 87 rating

nba 2k17 ratings damian lillard

in nba 2016 season, the blazers are the team which surprise many fans. despite the fact that most starters have left, they managed to beat the clippers in the first round. lillard's performances were the best part of the second round when he faced curry.

top 6:john wall(wizards) 86 rating

top 7:kyle lowry(raptors) 86 rating

top 8:derrick rose(new york) 84 rating

top 9:mike conley(grizzlies) 84 raitng

top 10:goran dragic(heat) 83 rating

some of you many hold different opinion when it comes to the rating. recently, 2k has been announcing nba 2k17 players ratings. if you are interested, you can keep an eye. if you want to buy these players in myteam mode after the release of nba 2k17, you can choose buy nba 2k17 mt coins for sale on you won't want to miss them. 

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