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nba 2k17 mypark guide:play with friends rep boost incentives

Date: 9/27/2016 11:06:38 AM

in nba 2k17 mypark mode, mypark rep boost become mycareer player upgrade direction; we can with the players 1v1 and 3v3 battle, if you want to become a legendary player and play with friends, mypark rep boost incentives is that you must know in advance the contents. 

nba 2k17 mypark rep boost

mypark rep classified into four grades allows players to upgrade the player, respectively rookie / pro / all-star / legend

rookie including a 1-5 scale

rookie 1

rookie 2 reward 100vc

rookie 3 reward 200vc, rookie mypark clothing unlocked

rookie 4 reward 300vc, finish alley-oop dunks

rookie 5 reward 400vc, earn mypark championship rewards

pro including a 1-5 scale

pro 1 reward 500vc, pro mypark clothing unlocked, signature introductions

pro 2 reward 600vc, putback dunks

pro 3 reward 700vc, travel to rival parks, post-game celebrations.

pro 4 reward 800vc, park-specific dunks, flashy passes.

pro 5 reward 900vc, signature walks, jumpshot celebrations.

all-star 1-5 grade

all-star 1 reward 1000vc, all-star mypark clothing unlocked

all-star 2 reward 2000vc, stand emotes

all-star 3 reward 3000vc, score celebrations

all-star 4 reward 4000vc, park size-ups

all-star 5 reward 5000vc, hard fouls with no call higher steal success

legend 1-5 grade

legend 1 reward 10000vc, legend mypark clothing unlocked, shirtless option unlocked

legend 2 reward 20000vc, 50% rival match vc bonus, use up to 2 park cards per game

legend 3 reward 30000vc, play as a mascot, higher% game-winning shot

legend 4 reward 40000vc skateboard

legend 5 reward 50000vc got next vip, vip protection

warning: abandoning a city will result in loss of all rep and rep level rewards. if you are looking for any cheap nba 2k17 mt coins, please use coupon "2k17" to enjoy vip discount 5% off on

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