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nba 2k17 myteam domination tips: 3 stars tips

Date: 9/29/2016 2:24:45 PM

domination in nba 2k17 mt is more difficult than previous years. hopefully these tips will help you win more games. you should be trying to get +5 mt for assist and +5 for post move score on most possessions. and i find myself averaging between 600 and 700 mt per game. 

nba 2k17 myteam domination

make sure you have a lineup of players that you are comfortable using. if you aren't able to use your players to their best ability, chances are you will not win.

do not chuck threes. 

in previous games threes were nearly automatic with spot up shooters. only shoot threes off of a pass and make sure your player is standing still. if not, chances are you will not make the shot.

full. court. press. 

this will get you many steals and forces the cpu to push the tempo. if you know how to use the defensive controls correctly, they will have an extremely difficult time bringing the ball up.

play as up tempo

the more coins you can score the better. that doesn't mean heaving up 3's every possession. try to run good fast breaks that are assisted and start from your rebounding and defense. do pick and roll to get good looks or run plays to get good looks. 

on defense, you want to focus on getting a good contest. the ideal defensive possession in domination is to have the computer shooting within the first ~8 seconds of the shot clock and you have a good shot contest (or block) and grab the rebound. while forcing shot clock violations are good defense, you are cutting down the number of possessions available to you. if you have good mobile defensive big men down low, one thing i used to do was to intentionally jump on defense, tricking the computer into thinking he has an open shot once he dribbles past me. 

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