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recommended young players draft tips in nba 2k17 mygm/myleague

Date: 10/3/2016 12:00:35 AM

in nba 2k17 mygm/myleague mode,big fans of trading like to build the strongest nba team by teaming up the best players in the league. players who are best to use are those suitable for our tactics and styles.   

recommended young players draft tips in nba 2k17 mygm myleague

here's a list of them:

kyrie irving, cleveland cavaliers 

demarcus cousins, sacramento kings 

paul george, indiana pacers 

anthony davis, new orleans pelicans 

kawhi leonard, san antonio spurs 

damian lillard, portland trail blazers 

klay thompson, golden state warriors 

john wall, washington wizards 

elfrid payton:  72 overall rating 

nikola vucevic:  76 overall rating 

victor oladipo:  76 overall rating

andrew wiggins: 77 overall rating 

ricky rubio:  75 overall rating 

zach lavine:  73 overall rating

joel embiid: 73 overall rating 

michael carter-williams:  73 overall rating 

nerlens noel: 73 overall rating

nba 2k17 mygm/myleague young players draft tips more than 3 in season trades but i try to stick to 2. why because nobody rebuilds their roster completely during the season thats what the offseason is for.

2.don’t trade made men. this rule is simple if a player has been with a team his whole career and has won a championship you can’t trade them. 

3. make at least one draft class in nba 2k17. 2k has always had amazing player creation and this really gives scouting a personal feel. my brother and i spend hours creating fictional draft classes.

4. guys who can dunk and shoot 3's are what makes video game hoops fun. here’s a list of players(in no order) that are better nba 2k17 hoopers then their nba counterpart. 

5.if you get tired of playing the same teams over and over again do fantasy draft. another favorite of mine is to create a roster and add legends to their present day team. for example giving the bulls mj and pippen to add to d.rose, noah, and gasol is fun. or putting dominique wilkins on the hawks. bring shaq and penny back in orlando. doing this adds a challenge off no off nights on your schedule.

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