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nba 2k17 mycareer guide: custom jump shot creator

Date: 10/10/2016 11:17:00 AM

nba 2k17 jump shot creator is a feature. how to unlock custom jump shots creator? how to create & equip custom jumpshots? how to use custom jumpshot in park? will bring players nba 2k17 mycareer guide: custom jumpshot creator, hope to be able to help you.

how to unlock custom jump shots creator—coach k message

the only way to unlock this feature is by receiving a text message from coach k. the first step is to go to mycareer mode and finish several matches in the first season. after that check your text messages from coach k. look for a message from your coach, in which he asks you to meet up. you have to accept his invitation if you want to unlock custom jump shot creator.

how to create & equip custom jumpshots—(mycareer options - jump shot creator)


in custom jumpshot creator, there are 4 setup options (lower / base, upper release 1, upper release 2 and blending & release speed). players can use custom jumpshots to mimic any star players. in blending & release speed, we can customize release speed and animation blending. there will be multiple choices for the shooting speed and shooting style.

how to use custom jumpshot in park

if you go to the park and try to switch jump shot you’ll not be able to choose your custom jumpshot. you have to set up the shot in your mycourt, and take it with you to the park. 

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