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nba 2k17 player:how great is joel embiid?

Date: 10/11/2016 5:30:04 PM

nba preseason has started. the philadelphia 76ers is undoubtedly popular this summer. apart from the 2017 nba rookie champion simmons, there is an injury-affected rookie joel embiid who is having fans' attention. 


enbid participate in the nba draft in 2014. before the draft, he received the right foot surgery, which made his ranking in draft decline. he was the of the third overall pick in the first round by philadelphia 76ers.

after joining 76ers, embiid hasn't appeared in any games and are absent for two seasons. while fans can't find him on the field, embiid is still so popular despite the above mentioned fact. why is he able to catch our attention and stay popular? how great is joel embiid?

why he stays popular

1. being active on social media

social media is an important part of life. almost everyone likes to check out twitter and facebook from time to time for the latest news. embiid has been active on these websites and a definitely a master of social media.


embiid has always able to make high quality tweets which are likely to arouse a very heated discussion. his good sense of humor makes people love him more. this is part of the reason why he can stay popular among fans despite the fact that he hardly takes part in any games. 

2. being funny and having a great sense of humor

embiid is not only showing his good sense of humor on social media, he is also nice and funny in real life. 

how great is joel embiid

1. extraordinary talent

another player with such a nickname is oden. however, this center fails to perform as expected. embiid also has outstanding talent and a similar experience, which makes people wonder if he will become the next oden or a dominate center.

2. excellent post players are rare

excellent post players are rare in the league. howard is not young any more. anthony davis' heath is not that good. people are eager to have an amazing post player like o'neill and expect embiid to be the one. scala bryant talked about embiid, saying that in the future embiid can surpass the 2015 draft pick karl-anthony towns. 

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