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nba 2k17 guide tips: how to shoot and get perfect a+

Date: 10/19/2016 10:17:29 AM

how to shoot nba 2k17 now i know you guys know how to shoot the ball ? so don't worry i'm not gonna be telling you how  to hit the expo under the square but should the bomb gonna be telling you guys how you can make the most of your shots consistently online whether you're playing in a one-on-one game weather playing in the park whether you're playing in the pro-am stage doesn't matter any game mode the supplies to am going to show you how to get more greens make your shots more consistently and  could be showing you the difference between a good look at a bad look i'm gonna show you what types of shots going more than others so the first thing you want to do is for practicing jumpers whether you're in freestyle mode practicing withe the team or you're in my career you want to make sure you have your difficulty are hosting your game style which is your slider sound simulation and say your shot meter to feedback only or off i highly recommend.


feedback only because what you back only is going to allow you to do is allow you to take a shower without knowing what your least was until after he released the ball as you can see right here the whole time simulation is the hardest difficulty insiders said to make consistent jumpers on and get greens on i'm gonna show you how to get greens consistently right now so as you're gonna see i am shooting off the dribble i'm not picking up my dribbling shooting a spot-up shooting off the dribble you know how to step back storm woods here and there is as you can see i'm getting greens now notice how i'm getting greens from the mid-range area guys as of right now at this coin i'm because 2k can actually change the shooting at any coin this year without needing to put out a patch they can  change the shooting change the shooting percentages buy i hope they keep it like this you know if you shoot a good open mid-range shot of a good mid-range rating you should make it most of the time otherwise the game will be really broken you konw we'd be forced to drive to the rim every time buy as of right now mid-range shots are the money.

shooting threes off the dribble this your guys you're not gonna get really any greens whatsoever even spotted three you're not going to get really any greens and you get most you're going from injury and as you saw i just missed a couple shots there those shots are gonna see me miss pretty much the whole video i get mostly greens and i don't get a green i'm gonna knock it down but we're gonna notices is getting a green it's right on the line and i'm knocking it down and it's off the dribble so this year guys made ranges off the dribble and spotting up our money doesn't matter what difficulty what slider say lran .

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