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nba 2k17 mycareer all hall of fame badges tutorial

Date: 10/17/2016 3:01:53 PM

i believe that many players want to unlock all the badges in nba 2k17 mycareer mode, including the hall of fame badges. buynba2kmt will provide gamers with nba 2k17 mycareer all hall of fame badges tutorial on how to get the badge fast.

nba 2k17 hall of fame badges

how to earn hall of fame badges in nba 2k17:

in how to earn hall of fame badges in nba 2k17 guide we will show you all the steps that are necessary to earn hall of fame badges in nba 2k17. remember that whenever any player performs outstanding in his specialty he will unlock more stronger and unique special abilities in his archetypes.

there are different categories of skill badges such as inside scoring, outside scoring, playmaking, athleticism, defensive and rebounding badges. another thing worth mentioning is that you’ve only five up-gradable badges for an archetype that you can upgrade to a hall of fame.

you need to follow the below steps before earning any of the hall of fame badge:

first check the requirements of the bronze version of a badge that you need and then get it.

after that purchase silver and then gold upgrades using nba 2k17 vc. remember that you can only upgraded the gold badges to hall of fame (purple badge).

now just repeat the above process to get all the hall of fame badges in nba 2k17. you will get notified during the game that you have earned a hall of fame badge.

nba 2k17 badges guide: the secret in unlocking the hall of fame ankle breaker badge

normally, to unlock the ankle breaker badge, the word “ankle breaker” has to appear on the top right corner of the game first. this happens when the animation is around 100 times. just do a double move and pass the ball to let them score.

there is another and even easier way in nba 2k17 badges guide first, activate the orange boost and hold up on the d-pad. but before doing that, make a justice isolation by pressing l1 to bring up the pentagon. if justice pairs with the orange boost, he will surely make the hoop. just repeat the whole process until you get the hall of fame ankle breaker badge.  

these nba 2k17 badges range from bronze to hall of fame and everything in between such as silver/gold badges. every archetype in the game has its own unique and different badges including hall of fame exclusive badge. hall of fame badges in nba 2k17 are of purple color and players have to put great effort and time to earn one. 

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