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nba 2k17 mountain dew tournament info

Date: 10/23/2016 10:43:56 PM

before finishing off in los angeles on october 23 for the dew nba 3x national finals. the 1st ever mountain dew nba 3x tournament is going down in nba 2k17 mypark! who’s going to pick up the most dew tokens and win special in-game prizes and be crowned the first winners?

nba 2k17 mountain dew tournament

the tournament will pit squads of three to compete against each other to reign supreme of mypark. initial details have been revealed via 2k’s #nba2kcast live stream. here’s what was revealed about the tournament:

“the nba is always thinking through new ways to grow the game,” said patrick sullivan, vice president of event strategy for the nba. “we’ve seen the popularity of 3×3 increase over the past several years and have had success with similar, international events and programs.”

more than a basketball tournament, the events will also feature fan-friendly entertainment, including skills contests, celebrity appearances, celebrity djs, food trucks and more. hall of famer gary payton, a dew nba 3x ambassador, will appear alongside local nba players and legends, all of whom will interact with fans.

“dew nba 3x is all about introducing fans to the competitive spirit of the game and providing dedicated players the chance to fulfill their own hoop dreams,” payton said.  “this platform is a great way to experience the passion and values behind basketball, while enjoying some outstanding nba and dew entertainment.”

mountain dew 3x tournament info:

starts this sunday, oct 23

token based system – start off with 2 tokens. if you lose, you lose tokens, and if you lose all tokens, you’re out of the tourny. if you win, you pick up your opponent’s tokens.

first tournament of many to come, running every couple of weeks

prizes will be announced

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