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nba 2k17 upgrade badges tips: how to upgrade to hall of fame badges

Date: 10/24/2016 2:47:52 PM

nba 2k17 badges are mainly used in mycareer mode. there are 55 badges available in the game. if we want to make our players superstars, one thing we are going to do is to upgrade these badges to the hall of fame badges. how do we upgrade badges?

nba 2k17 myplayer upgrade badges

in mycareer mode, there are four tiers of a badges your player can earn: bronze, silver, gold, and hall of fame.

now once you complete certain objectives, you will keep upgrading these badges to the next tier. here is an example. if you are a fan of catch and shoot, you can unlock "catch & shoot" badges. once you have this badge, the shooting percentage of catch and shoot will improve significantly. 

keep in mind, only gold badges can be upgraded to a hall of fame badge (purple). here’s a general way to approach upgrading badges:

1. get badges in mycareer games. please note that the badges are bronze ones.

2. pick a bronze badge and take a look at the requirements you need to obtain it. purchase silver and gold upgrades with your vc. (store/upgrades - myplayer - myplayer-upgrade badges).

3. you can constantly use the badge to score in games, so that it can upgrade to from gold badge to hall of fame badge

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