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nba 2k16 new 12 classic teams details announced

Date: 9/15/2015 10:27:49 AM

12 new classic teams that has been added in nba 2k16 are 12-13 miami heat, 03-04 pistons, 99-10 raptors, 07-08 rockets, 07-08 boston celtics, 00-01 lakers, 02-03 mavericks, 99 -00 trail blazers, 04 -05 phoenix suns, 05 -06 miami heat, 06 -07 cavs & 03 -04 timberwolves.

12-13 miami heat: this season belongs to miami, lebron james, dwyane wade, chris bosh, ray allen and shane battier of the team, no one can stop them.

o6-07 cavs: james magical performance to help the team into the finals, despite losing the championship, but he won a lot of fans.

03-04 pistons: nba's best defensive team, they can make any star eclipsed in the game against their competition.

2000 raptors: duo of mcgrady and carter, gorgeous offensive for them to win more applause.

07-08 rockets: houston rockets made an amazing 22-game winning streak, yao ming and tracy mcgrady of the season played with the injury, can win an incredible 22-game winning streak.

07-08 boston celtics: offensive to win fans, defense wins championship; boston celtics drum through their defense once again won the championship final.

00-01 lakers: iverson performance in the 00-01 season, let the fans all over the world to applaud him, but ultimately can not depend on a person's strength to overcome the gold portfolio bryant + o'neill.

02-03 mavericks: mavericks start 14-game winning streak this season to lead the nba, also through a performance of the season into the western conference finals.

99 -00 trail blazers: blazers strongest striker belonging to the most luxurious offensive combination nba, but still lost to bryant and shaquille o'neal of the lakers

04 -05 phoenix suns: steve nash + shelling tactics marion + stoudemire composition, very pleasing offensive, defensive poor so that they eventually lose the championship.

05 -06 miami heat: dwyane wade of the peak season, the mavericks in the finals 2: 0 lead in the case, wade's level of play to win the championship.

03 -04 timberwolves: minnesota with 58 wins and 24 losses to get the first western garnett regular season mvp.

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