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nba 2k17 hall of fame ankle breaker guide in mycareer mode

Date: 11/12/2016 3:37:20 PM

in "nba 2k17," the different badges are personality, playmaking, defensive, inside scoring, outside scoring and athletic. these are further categorized into gold, silver and bronze. there are 55 badges in all to acquire in "nba 2k17," which will help players in their journey. what is more interesting is we got nba 2k17 badges unlock guides for you to show you how to unlock badges in the the fastest way possible.


unlocking the hall of fame ankle breaker

to do nba 2k17 badges unlock the golden badge, the gamer will have to attain the bronze badge by repetition.  after acquiring the badge to bronze, the player will have to buy the upgrade to gold badge through the games currency.

ankle breaker will require 200 double move that lead to score assists in one season.and to get difficult shots badge, score a basket while the stamina bar is depleted.

to do the nba 2k17 badges unlock a hall of fame badge, have the player get all the golden badges and finish the gameplay badge two to four times more than the requirement.

currently,  besides being plain achievements, the badges can actually improve character stats in the game. the nba 2k17 ankle breaker badge seems to be one of the most confusing to get. 

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