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nba 2k17 badges guide: fast to unlock mycareer badges

Date: 11/10/2016 10:41:12 AM

it is time-consuming to unlock the badges in nba 2k17. here provides you with a guide to fast unlocking nba 2k17 mycareer badges. let's check it out.


first of all

call for screen

drive to the basket

destroy whoever tries to help down low

ankle breaker

do enough driving layups, layups, and dunks that involve physical contact. the badge will be unlocked as long as there is physical contact.

mid range deadeye

it's okay as long as you shoot close to the defender. there is no need for others to interfere. you do a fadeaway shot as soon as the player automatically appears. only automatic fadeaway shot is a strong shooting, and the manual one is not counted. a valid split lock is not required.

limitless range

a lot of people are confused about how to control the distance. you can refer to the distance between the circle at the free-throw line and the circle at the three-coiner line. you can shoot standing closer to the distance. to successfully unlock the badge, the hit percentage should not be less than 30%.

catch & shoot

you shoot immediately after you catch the ball. remember not to move. you just immediately shoot the ball.

corner specialist

you just do the jump shot at the bottom corner. the badge will be unlocked after multiple attempts.


deep range deadeye

it is the same case with the mid range deadeye, so the tip is the same. it gets unlocked as i do the limitless range. you just take out actions.

diffcult shots

it is just the opposite of catch and shoot. you just shoot while moving. you need to hold down the accelerator before you shoot. it just takes a few attempts.

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