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nba 2k17 patch 1.06 notes coming soon to ps4/xb1/pc

Date: 11/17/2016 3:26:25 PM

2k released patch 1.05 recently,this time the patch is mainly used for debug. i have some good ideas while we enjoy the latest version, here they are:


badge system

sure everybody knows that they need to land 200 “double move leading to a score” in a single season to unlock ankle breaker, but none of they know how many have they achieved already. the game do knows how many moves you have done, but why don't they tell you in the game?

game provide with an indicator so that you will easily know which badge have you been closed to unlock, and you will be more concentrated and purpose driven.

fix the justice young 

if you activated a new save slot and upgraded your character greatly from the beginning , no surprise, you will be doing good in court than young in the very first place , but there will be no longer young scenes in the game. the good news is ,young is no longer threatened to get trade, but the worse part is , you can't apply transfer with young, and young got less playing time.

changeable socks:  

someone likes long socks, and someone likes short socks, at least, we should have a choice , right?

self-designed shoes are displayed in the store: 

your self-designed shoes are available in the game, the price is 7500 vc in the store, but the preview picture never shows. it seems like you are waiting for thumbnail downloading.

i think a thing that should happen is maybe some kind of benefit when you start seeing those cutscenes with training with xavier cross, he's doing all this lifting and diet change and i feel like it would really add to the game if your strength, agility, hustle, and/or stamina would increase when you started training with him idk.

the cpu coach ai could use a tweak in late game situations as far as timeouts go. i just had a timeout called against me up by 9 coins with 1.8 seconds left. the cpu doesn't seem to know when a game is unwinnable.

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