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nba 2k17 guide: detailed analysis of low post attack

Date: 11/21/2016 5:13:12 PM

the low-post attack in nba 2k17 has been greatly improved. it's a big progress since 2k16. today would like to provide a detailed analysis of differences between the low-post attack in nba2k17 and the one in 2k16. 


nba 2k16 vs nba 2k17: changes in low-post attack 

1. the hook shot in 2k17 is greatly improved, and a shooting power bar is added. 

this is the first milestone change, because there was no power bar feature in the previous 2k games, not until the 2k17. it's surprising that the hook shot percentage is greatly improved. 

2. the hook shot in 2k17 can use shoulder fake.

you can find how to use it in nba 2k17 operating buttons tutorial. in 2k 16, you can't find this consistency skill move. 

3. the low-post attack in 2k 17 can advance towards the bottom line. 

this is an important change in 2k 17. why? because in theory, with this change, you can have twice as many low-post attack options. 

4. the backspin in 2k17 in further strengthened.

in 2k17, the defensive player may have too much forwards force, which takes place in the real basketball games. in situation like this, if the opponent turns around, the player will probably lose focus and fail to withdraw the defense. this change means that the backspin is more practical to use. 

5. in 2k17 the low post attacking is weakened.

the operation method is to push forward the way to the basket, while pushing rs towards the basket' direction. the low-post attack bug once found in 2k16 is also removed. 

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