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nba live mobile player recommendation guide: height and weight determine the player model

Date: 12/14/2016 2:37:48 PM

the first thing is the height. nba live mobile pays attention to the player model. larger sized players tend to have certain advantages and are more fun to play with. just check out the nba live mobile player recommendation guide with

top highest nba live mobile players

top 1: manute bol '86, height: 7'7 "

nba live mobile coins manute bol 86

he has a relatively large model in nba live mobile and is eye catching. he stands there like a piece of wall, making it difficult for others to play. due to the large model, despite the 89 rating, he is popular on the market and is more expensive than other centers with the same rating. 

top 2: yao ming '04 and '05, height: 7'6 "

nba live mobile coins yao ming 04 and 05

yao ming is second highest and never fails to dunk within the three-coin line. no one can stop him. this is one of the advantages of good nba live player model. however, he can still be interfered with powerful defense under the basket. with height and defense, yao ming is very powerful at defense inside the paint.

top 3: sim bhullar, height: 7'5 "

nba live mobile coins sim bhullar

despite a only 64 rating, sim bhullar's card is incredibly expensive on the market due to rarity on the market caused by the modeling. if you are lucky enough to have this card, please don't sell it cheap. this card is used in many expensive squads, so as to decrease rating in h2h to find match more easily.

top 4: rik smits, height: 224 cm

this card is of the same position as manute bol's, so it's slightly cheaper. the card is currently not found on the market. if you want to use this card, you can choose nba live mobile coins for online sale store—buy nba live mobile coins, use coupon "2k17" can enjoy a 5% discount.

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