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top 5 best 3 coin shooters you should own in nba live mobile

Date: 12/26/2016 5:23:08 PM

in modern baskerball, 3 coin has become one of the most important part in the team. the warrior 's success has show the truth for us. so who are the best 3 coin shoots in nba live mobile? here buynba2kmt will show you. 

throwbacks kyle korver  96 ove 3 coiner

nba live mobile 3 coins

in the 2014-15 season, kyle korver had a three-coin shooting rate of 47.2%, march 6, 2014, kyle korver creating thrown 127 consecutive three-coiners record. march 12, 2015, the hawks 102-115 lost to the nuggets on the road. the game, kyle korver hit five three-coiners, which makes his career three-coin shot number reached 1697, beyond kobe bryant (1694), raised to a record 12th. 

award winner stephen curry 95 ove 3 coiner


i believe that no one will question his 3-coin ability with high shooting speed and high precision. 402 3-coins make him the most stable way to score. he definitely deserves higher rating.  

finals kyrie irving 91 ove 3 coiner


in the 2014-15 season, kyrie irving had a three-coin shooting rate of 41.5%, the knights 99-94 blazers, irving coiners 19-11, the spurs cavaliers 128-125, trey 7-7.2015-16 final seven games. it was he helped the cavaliers in the library in front of lore in order to win the championship.

spotlight klay thompson 90 ove 3 coiner


buynba2kmt thinks that klay thompson's 3-coin rating is downgraded. fans all know that his off dribble shot deserves a rating of more than just 70. he's one of my favorite players.  

base set j.j. redick  90 ove 3 coiner


j. j. redick three-coin shooting rate of 43.7%, averaging reddick hit 2.6 three-coiners, shooting 43.8%, played in 78 games, averaging 16.4 coins, 2.1 rebounds and 1.8 assists to help the clippers to 56 wins and 26 losses record locked in advance of the western third position. 

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