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nba 2k17 mycareer player best builds guide : height,wingspan and weight

Date: 12/27/2016 2:32:05 PM

our nba 2k17 builds guide outlines some of the most effective builds for a range of positions in the game. another important thing that you need to bear in mind is that you suffer from the smallest speed decline. since you are only increasing the height by one-inch, it is a relatively decent trade-off.


nba 2k17 builds – coin forward

height – 6’9”

this build is basically designed to provide you with a bigger wing with boosts in boxing out, rebounds, block, and dunks.


coming to arms, you need to go with medium length 81.2” which should provide you average shooting boost. there is essentially no need to have long arms.

shoulder width – 23.7”

the reason you need to go with wider shoulders is to make up for medium-sized arms.

weight – 210 lbs.

the reason for going with medium weight which should slightly reduce your boxout, strength, and dunk; but should also provide you with slightly average speed.

archetype – small forward

the reason for this is because you want to be able to do a little bit of everything.

  • shooting off dribble – 2/15

  • layups & dunk – 3/16

  • mid-range shooting – 2/16

  • 3pt shooting – 2/15

  • post scoring – 0/7

  • agility – 5/25

  • strength – 0/8

  • rebounding – 0/8

  • playmaking – 5/25

  • defending – 1/15

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