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2k fans for nba 2k18 wishlist

Date: 1/7/2017 10:42:10 AM

2k fans for nba 2k18 wishlist

nba 2k18

my player expansion in my player / my career

make it kind of like ncaa road to glory where but u start in the playoffs in college and then u go through all the combine stuff.also make it like sims where u can buy a house and a car and have a family?

player voice

be able to customize my player voice

- customize the pitch, tone, accent (nyc, southern, surfer, international, etc)

- voice can be used for:

- on-the-court talk

- press conferences

technical fouls,ejections,fights

the game needs techs! have technical fouls, ejections, fights, suspensions

1. lil bit crazy personality players like artest and rasheed should be more likely to get one

2. flagrent fouls

3. us the user can get one from unsportsmanship stuff like rage tapping the start button, too much instant replaying

4. argue the call

highlight show

a highlight show similar to "sportscenter" and the highlight show in "nfl 2k5" that recaps all the nba action around the league and includes visual highlights of games.

more accesories

we should be able to wear a facemask and they need more tattoos like sleeves and we should be able to have a warm up before the game starts like in real life, we should be able to pick a girlfriend and then marry her and make a family in the future and they should show her during a timeout or something and let the announcers/commentares speak about her/us..

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