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breaking news: nba 2k16 release date and cover player revealed

Date: 5/22/2015 3:16:03 PM

in addition to the ongoing nba finals, there’s more good news for basketball fans. the release details of nba 2k16, the highly anticipated 2k game, have been revealed. nba 2k16 is expected to be launched this fall on xb1, xb360, ps4, ps3, pc and other platforms.


nba 2k16 reportedly has three cover stars, doing exactly the same as nba 2k11 and nba 2k13 do. nba finals are currently underway. as the regular-season mvp, stephen curry’s performances in season certainly make him outstanding. led by their superstar james harden, houston rockets make their first appearance in the western conference finals in 18 years. harden does deserve the honor of being featured on the cover. kevin durant, also a faithful fan of nba 2k, missed the playoffs because of injury.


there are also some development details. 2k is reported to cooperate with the famous director spike lee who is also big fan of new york knicks. further information hasn’t been announced yet, but he will surely appear in the mycareer mode.


nba 2k16 is expected to have all the advanced new features. 2k sports will feature full body scans for nba 2k16, which has also been done with fifa 15. lot of nba teams have already passed the scanning process. this news will probably be officially announced. gamers can get the desired players using nba 2k mt coins.

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